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Since 1989, MEGA-P has been serving its customers in the defense, aerospace, medical & pharmaceutical, agri-food, music and other industries, in their quest for the highest quality standards that international markets impose.

Your turn-key partner in mechanical engineering solutions, MEGA-P has more than 30 years of expertise in precision machining for complex markets such as defense, aerospace, medical and musical instruments.

Thanks to its integrated design office, MEGA-P designs parts and sub-assemblies according to your drawings, models or specifications, from raw, mechanically welded, boiler-making, forged, cast materials (made of steel, iron, aluminium, Inconel, bronze, etc.).

Its 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centers allow MEGA-P to supply single parts, in small and medium series, and in small to large sizes, with tight tolerances.

Thus MEGA-P co-designs, manufactures and tests high precision mechanical components: parts, kits, assemblies, sub-assemblies and industrial tools.

Thanks to its experience, MEGA-P is recognized for its reactivity, its know-how and the quality of its services on the local, national and international markets.

MEGA-P precision machining solutions are certified ISO 9001:2015 and EN (AS) 9100:2018 by Intertek.


Our design office conceives equipment according to the rules of “design-to-quality” and “design-to-cost”. From the outset, the rules leading to “right-first-time” are integrated into the conception.

Our production means are designed to achieve accuracies of 1/100mm to 1 micron in grinding.

The self-checking process carried out by our operators is coupled with a check on our three-dimensional measuring machines and other high-precision inspection equipment.

> Our means of testing

As an essential aspect of our procurement process, we select and evaluate our suppliers according to the EN/AS 9100 standards required by our major customers.

Thus, we choose the appropriate subcontractors to bring you the best quality of service. Upstream, for structural and mechanical strength calculations, boiler-making, welding… Downstream, for the management of the subcontracting of additional post-manufacturing services like surface treatment, painting and marking.

Our certifications

Our precision machining processes are ISO 9001:2015 and EN/AS 9100:2018 certified by Intertek, as part of our continuous improvement policy.