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Tests & Controls

Tests & Controls

Tests & Controls

MEGA-P conducts self-contained high precision, non-destructive and pressure tests.

Mechanical Strength, Salt Spray and Wear Resistance Tests are also part of our daily routine. Numerous other Tests & Controls are possible, either in-house or by subcontracting to selected partners.

MEGA-P is equipped with two 3D inspection machines whose software is able to perform highly complex measurements. The equipment is yearly controlled by a certified body.

We are equipped with a High-Pressure Test Bench that allows us to check the behavior of our parts up to 400 bars.
These tests are essential to check, after manufacture, specific parts intended for underwater applications.

Thanks to its Profile Projector, MEGA-P checks certain dimensions on particular materials that cannot be measured by conventional means.

The Measuring Column is the quick solution for checking certain dimensions when the use of a 3D inspection machine is not justified.

MEGA-P is equipped with a Microscope which allows visual quality control of certain high precision machined parts.

Outsourced Tests

We subcontract non-destructive tests (NDT) to be carried out on materials, such as X-Ray and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). Penetrant Testing (PT) is also carried out by a local subcontractor.

Salt Spray Tests are frequently conducted by our surface treatment partners.