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Precision machining

Precision machining

Precision machining

We manufacture machined parts, assemblies and industrial tooling according to your specifications, 2D or CAD drawings.
The workshop is equipped with 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, wire and dye sinking EDM, deep boring and grinding machines.

Thanks to our vast experience, we manage the sub-contracting of services upstream and downstream of machining in our workshops, ensuring rigorous management of production cycles, from material supply to final delivery.

Our machining services

We can machine small and medium sized series, and small and large dimensions.

Our parts are designed with tolerances as low as 1/100 mm.


MEGA-P manufactures a wide range of materials, from the softest to the hardest: plastics of all kinds, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, copper-aluminium, copper-nickel, steel, stainless steel, alloy, superalloy, Inconels, lead, ebonite, etc.

We also machine certain carbides by electro-erosion, in particular boron carbide for the defense market.

Responding to the particular needs of the space and naval industries, we have a strong experience in machining Inconel and hardened Inconel parts, including additive manufactured parts. These machining operations require great dexterity, as their surface is often complex and with no existing reference.

We also machine forgings, castings and welded assemblies and are equipped to machine certain types of composites.

Projets récents

MEGA-P’s Design Office has recently designed equipment for transporting wire coils, an automated workstation for packaging, a machine for removing punches by pressure, and a parking system for electric motorbikes among others.

This equipment is designed based on specifications including the cost objective, weight and dimensional constraints, safety instructions, instructions related to the ease of use, etc.

After carefully listening to our customer, we might suggest some specifications adjustments, in order to contain the costs of implementation and to ensure that the dimension of the designed component grants its connection with the existing part.

The design work is carried out on Topsolid. The drawings are then presented to the client, for review and validation.

Means of production

MEGA-P is equipped with several 5-axis machines. Using a CNC to move a part or cutting tool along 5 different axes simultaneously enables the machining of very complex parts, which is why 5-axis is especially popular for aerospace applications.

MEGA-P is equipped with Digitally Controlled Lathes allowing the production of parts with a diameter of 1 to 830 mm. Our experienced operators can manufacture very complex parts with very tight tolerances (1/100 mm).

Conventional Turning & Milling offered by MEGA-P are better adapted than CNC machining for simple parts in very small series. We manufacture small and large dimensions components.

Wire EDM allows all metals to be processed, including treated materials, as hardness does not affect the machining speed. The precision and quality of finish are remarkable, and 0.8 Ra is easily obtained.

Dye Sinking EDM allows machined parts to be intaglio printed. It creates shapes that would otherwise be impossible to make, such as printed mold cavities and those with internal right angles, easily meeting customers’ stringent quality requirements.

Relevant for several applications where holes with high length-to-diameter-ratios and high quality are necessary. We are able to drill blind holes up to 1500 mm deep. Alignment accuracy: ≅1/10 mm/meter. Maximum diameter: ⌀38 mm.

Our workshop is equipped with 6 flat and cylindrical grinding machines for small diameters and lengths. For larger dimensions, we subcontract through our panel of validated suppliers/partners.

MEGA-P provides steel/stainless-steel/aluminium welding services, paired with PQR and WPS if required. We regularly provide parts with stainless-steel welds for the marine environment.

Our machining centers are served by overhead cranes with a capacity adapted to the large and heavy parts we manufacture (up to 25 tons).