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Sub-contracting management

Sub-contracting management

Sub-contracting management

In addition to our services in mechanical engineering and precision machining, we offer upstream and downstream solutions provided by our partners and driven by ourselves.

MEGA-P can provide you a vast array of turnkey solutions, including strength and structural calculations, boiler-making, various surface treatments, as well as specific tests and engravings.

Monitoring of our subcontractors

Our certifications have led us to set up a very rigorous monitoring of our subcontractors. Quality and logistics procedures are followed to ensure that the quality and deadline objectives imposed by our client projects are met.

We select our partners keeping in mind that MEGA-P is accountable to the customer.

Our design office provides complete design services and regularly calls on specialists to carry out structural and strength calculations to ensure the projects viability.

Boiler making is complementary to our machining services and we regularly subcontract welded parts which we then machine.

According to our customers’ specifications, we coordinate the required surface treatments (paints, anodic oxidation, nitriding, etc.) carried out by our panel of suppliers.

We identify the proper suppliers among our panel and organize the heat treatments to be carried out to fulfill to the technical specifications given by our customers. Even the rarest treatments can be handled.

When the grinding required services are beyond the capacity of our equipment, we subcontract to our partners: Gear Grinding, Cone Grinding, Ultra-Large Grinding, etc.

Most of the engravings are made by our workshop. However, we sometimes might subcontract them, when highly specific.

Our commitment

We are frequently called upon to manage projects entrusted to us by our customers, whose subcontracting share is significantly higher than the share carried out at MEGA-P.

To this end, we make increased selections of our suppliers, based on their skills and reliability, to build mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships.

Subcontracting management is monitored by an industrialization coordinator who keeps an eye on all customer and subcontracting schedules. He relaunches if necessary and acts as a link in this industrial net, which is essential to the success of our customers’ projects.