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Mechanical assemblies

Under its responsibility and guidance, MEGA-P carries out a wide range of mechanical assemblies. From in-house machined parts, as well as hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical sub-assemblies from partner subcontractors.

Our services range from the supply-chain management, through the assembly process, to the final qualification tests and controls.

Our partners

Clé fondamentale pour accroître notre offre complémentaire et capacitaire, nos alliances sont fondées sur les compétences, la fiabilité et l’entente mutuelle avec des partenaires solides régionaux, nationaux et internationaux.

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Our services

Our assemblies include a wide range of services: bearing installation, broaching, crimping, adhesive bonding, ring fitting, welding, surface treatment, painting, automation.

We integrate, for instance, heating systems, hydraulic actuators, cables / harnesses, valves, relief valves, helicoils, plugs, pins.

For its procurement of very specific treatments, advanced grinding and the purchase of electronic and/or mechanical components, MEGA-P relies, among others, on the network of 9,000 suppliers of AMERIS Group.

Complete extrusion head for the manufacture of flexible pipelines, consisting of large machined parts adjusted to 1/100mm, deep-nitrided, ground, assembled on a mechanically welded frame and equipped with heating systems.

Intended for the aeronautical industry and made on a mechanically welded frame. Tight tolerance dimensional characteristics. Strategic sourcing and specific procurement of transmission mechanisms. Validation tests in collaboration with the customer. Steering by our design office.

We manufacture and repair power transmission equipment for a variety of industries and according to each customer’s specifications.