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Design office

Design office

In-house design office

We analyze your machining project needs, conduct studies leading to the design of the parts and justify the technical choices that will enable to manufacture them in compliance with the market standards and the goals you have settled.

Our simulation is conducted with TopSolid, and through to the production of additive manufacturing scale models.

Our do services

Design according to your specifications. Modeling and Calculation for the manufacturing of machined parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, industrial tools, special machines, power transmission, obsolescences, etc.

Recent projects

MEGA-P’s Design Office has recently designed equipment for transporting wire coils, an automated workstation for packaging, a machine for removing punches by pressure, and a parking system for electric motorbikes among others.

This equipment is designed based on specifications including the cost objective, weight and dimensional constraints, safety instructions, instructions related to the ease of use, etc.

After carefully listening to our customer, we might suggest some specifications adjustments, in order to contain the costs of implementation and to ensure that the dimension of the designed component grants its connection with the existing part.

The design work is carried out on Topsolid. The drawings are then presented to the client, for review and validation.

Design of parts, assemblies and industrial tools, according to your specifications and expected function.

Thanks to our technical experience, we can recommend you on the most suitable material, treatments, and machining to meet your objectives.

Design, project and dimensioning of mechanical systems.

Drafting of specifications allowing the integration of adapted machining constraints, if needed.

Thanks to our more than 25 years expertise in machining, we can design the components in partnership with our customers’ design offices, which can lead to changes, for example, to optimize the cost price.

In charge of the Global Project Management, we determine the processes best suited to the result to be obtained, in terms of quality, precision, finish, functioning, resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, resistance to external aggressions, etc.