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Naval Group Order 2020-23

Naval Group Order 2020-23

Naval Group Order 2020-23

NAVAL GROUP has renewed its trust in our MEGA-P services by placing a new 2020-23 order for machined parts for its Barracuda Submarines.

MEGA-P is proud to announce the new order for 2020-2023 that Naval Group has placed in support of its Barracuda Submarines Program.

Since 2005, MEGA-P manufactures specific machined parts for underwater environments, thanks to its expertise in high precision machining. Through its 400 bars high pressure test bench, MEGA-P is able to test in-house the robustness and adequacy of the machined parts to the strict requirements of its customer.

MEGA-P has more than 20 years of expertise in the machining of parts assemblies and industrial tooling for the defense & aerospace, and its processes are certified ISO 9001:2015 and EN/AS 9100:2018 by Bureau Veritas.

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